Soft Cover & Hardback Books

Create your own soft cover or hardback book using our easy to use software, with our competitive pricing and superior quality.

High-quality Soft cover & Hardback Book Printing. Printed to a premium quality paper with a matt laminated hard book cover. Up to 90 inside pages - Choose from 100's of layouts to create the perfect book. Upload and autofill your images with ease.

What will your book be? Here are some ideas...

Cookery Book | Photobook | Wedding Album | Photo Journal | Wildlife Book | Planner | Memory Book | Family Photos | Illustration Book | High Quality Catalogue | Architect Designs | Portfolio Book...

The possibilities are endless!



Due to the additional processes required to create a Hardback Book, our standard leadtime on book printing is around 12 working days from your proof approval date.

A3 Square Hardback Book Printing

Hardback Large Square (A3)
287mm x 287mm

A4 Square Hardback Book Printing

Hardback A4 Square
210mm x 210mm

A4 Portrait Hardback Book Printing

Hardback Large Portrait (A4)
200mm x 287mm

A4 Landscape Hardback Book Printing

Hardback A4 Landscape
297mm x 210mm

A5 Portrait Hardback Book Printing

Hardback A5 Portrait
148mm x 210mm

A3 and A4 Square softcover Book Printing

Softcover Square A3 and A4
A3 - 297mm x 297mm
A4 - 210mm x 210mm

A4 and A5 Portrait softcover Book Printing

Softcover Portrait A4 and A5
A4 - 210mm x 297mm
A5 - 148mm x 210mm

A4 and A5 Landscape softcover Book Printing

Softcover Landscape A4 and A5
A4 - 297mm x 210mm
A5 - 210mm x 148mm

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WE PRINT IN CMYK... Make sure you get a printed proof to check your image colours - Click here for more information

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Choose from 30-100 pages for your books

Choose from 30-90 Pages...

With 30-90 pages in A4, A5 portrait, landscape and square versions, there is a size to suit whatever you need for your hardback book.

100's of photo layouts

100's of Photo Layouts...

From simple one page images to multi-image layouts, quickly and easily change your pages to suit the number of images you need.

Easy to use software

Easy to Use Software...

Our easy-to-use photo book software provides an intuitive and straightforward way for you to build the perfect photo-book with ease.


Hardback book printing has increased in popularity over the standard perfect bound books due to digital printing and print on demand solutions making it cost-effective to order this type of book in much lower volumes..

Hardback Book Printing
What exactly is a Hardback Book?

A hardback book (also known as hardbound, hardcover, and sometimes as case-bound) is a book with a rigid cover (typically using binder's board). It has a cover that is more durable than a standard perfect-bound cover and allows the book to open further without damaging the glued spine when opened. The hardback cover provides a premium upmarket feel to your book/publication.

Our Hardback Books

Our Hardback books are printed on FSC sourced paper and we offer a matt, gloss or silk paper for your inside pages. They are much more durable than the standard perfect bound books which have flexible, easily damaged paper covers. We laminate our hardback books with a gloss or matt lamination giving a professional tactile finish.

How Are They Made?

A Hardback book consists of an inner page block (your internal pages), and your cover pages printed, laminated and then glued around two heavy boards and spine. The internal pages are perfect bound as normal then the hardback book cover is ‘cased in’ around the page block and glued together creating the final book.


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