Print Ready File - What does this mean?

If you would like to supply a print ready file you can do it here - But...What exactly is a print ready file? A print ready file is laid out for printing.

You can upload a print ready file here. If your file is single pages, use each button to upload your page, if your file is all pages, just upload it to the first slot and all the pages will be uploaded.

A PRINT READY CALENDAR will have the images and dates set as per how you want it printed. This file will be ready to print with no further artwork required. Print ready files usually have the crop marks, colour bars and registration marks included with the file.

If you have just IMAGES - these are NOT a print ready file - please use our designer software to help you create your print ready file - This is the most common misconception of a print ready file - your images are NOT print ready and may get rejected if not formatted correctly.

A print Ready Example:

Here we show a print ready example - THis is the full artwork, dates, images, events, cover pages, all laid out ready to print without any further artworking required - Print Ready!.

An Example of Images - NOT print ready:

Here we show just 12 images uploaded - this is NOT classed as print ready as they are just the images, and not setout a sthe final print ready file. If you just upload images here they may get rejected by our studio as they are not print ready. If you only have images, then please use our Designer Studio Software to lay your images out ready for print - click the back button on your browser to then launch the software.

Please upload pdf images only File should not be larger than 150MB in size. Please upload pdf images only
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You can upload your artwork later, using the we-transfer service or the order details page in the 'my account' section menu.